Social media is very a powerful marketing tool, and connecting with your audience through twitter can drive more visitors to your affiliate link and ultimately make more sales.

If you don’t already have a twitter account it’s very easy to create one. Just go to and sign up

Create a username that’s keyword based, eg  Many popular usernames have already gone so you may need to be a bit creative.

Fill out the bio, and add a header and profile image.

Making the effort will make your twitter page stand out and ultimately get you more followers.

Avoid using auto tools to get followers, and don’t buy followers.  Many are fake, and you need to get genuine targeted people looking for what you’re selling.
The best way to get followers is to find them yourself. I know it’s slow and tedious, but these are people interested in your niche and provided you offer them good content they are less likely to unfollow you.

Use some of the keywords I have provided for you and prefix with a hash tag to find people looking for a particular keyword. e.g #powerofthemind

This will bring up a list of people engaging in a conversation based around that keyword. Join in these conversations. Build trust and offer good content before trying to sell anything.

Post tweets once or twice a day and add images. People don’t always associate twitter with images, but it will add interest to your posts, and attract more followers.

When you send people to the a sales page a good idea is to send followers to an article on your blog that links to that page rather than directly from twitter, for most of the time, and use tweets occasionally for direct linking,

Make sure you link these tweets to your Clickbank hoplink. fI you don’t have a Clickbank account click here. It’s free to sign up.

Also, make sure that your tweets are no longer than 140 characters including any links as that is the maximum allowed.



“How you can manifest your goals, and live the life you dream of”

“How to let go of negative energy and attract abundance into your life”

“You can live the dream life you’ve always wanted starting today!”

“Finally discover the key to your dream life”

“How to become the woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming”

“How to become the man you’ve always dreamed of becoming”

“How to use the power of positive thought to achieve succees”

“Use the power of your mind to achieve success”

“Use the power of your mind to attract love into your life”

“Finally, discover the real key to success”

“Can you really manifest your goals using the power of the mind?”